This wholesaling website is different!  My name is Johnson Frais and I have been presenting quality

investment properties to my investors across Canada and the U.S. since 2006.  I do not offer many
deals, but only those I truly believe will give my investor a profit and exit strategy.  I am tired of seeing
wholesalers offer properties to distant investors in cities that they know well, and yet they fail to offer
any solid advice as to why that property is a good investment.  

I also do not like watching wholesalers sell foreeign investors properties at inflated prices just because
they can.  Sometimes a deal offers a good ROI based on cashflow and the purchase price seems cheap
compared to the investor's local area, but after purchasing, the investor is stuck with a property they
may never be able to sell because their purchase price was inflated compared to surrounding properties.

Just because a property is bank-owned and selling for cheap does not make it a profitable investment.  

Investors need someone who they can trust to find deals that realistically cashflow after all expenses,
that are truly a good value compared to other local comparables, and in a location that increases their
chances of future capital gain appreciation.  We offer these services as part of the wholesaling
process, included in your small, one-time fee!

PassionRight Properties has researched the top growing cities in the country and specializes in

finding the best foreclosure deals in the best areas.  We are currently offering well-researched, turn-key
wholesale deals in Phoenix, Detroit, and Las Vegas.  I guarantee you honest information, careful research,
and the most qualified team to manage your investment!

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