PassionRight Properties has a proven track record of identifying profitable real estate investment

opportunites before the general public or media. We research growing cities and real estate trends
to share with our subscribers and partners.  

We target single family foreclosures, unlisted distressed properties, multifamily reposition opportunities,
storage facilities, mobile home parks, and other real estate related businesses that create high cash flow

Since 2006, we have worked in several emerging markets in the U.S. and Canada. Johnson Frais is a
Canadian turned U.S. resident who owns properties in both countries. He organizes meetings in
Vancouver, Edmonton, Seattle, and other cities where we discuss the best places to invest in the U.S.
and Canada in 2019.
We offer well-researched and profitable investment opportunities in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Seattle,
and Detroit to our subscribers. On larger deals, we primarily work with institutional
investors, but
occasionally offer partnership in our acquisition of distressed and bank-owned
income properties
to select partners.

We guarantee you honest information, careful research, and the most qualified team to manage your

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