Johnson Frais                                                                                                         
                                         CEO/Acquisitions Manager                                         

Johnson Frais has a broad educational background in the life sciences, human relations, and business.
He studied as an honours student at Lakehead University in Ontario and also a private university in
Georgia.  His broad range of skills and knowledge has been an asset when facing the various challenges
of real estate investment.

Johnson has a passion for real estate investing and helping others become financially free through
passive income.  He has studied real estate since 2000 and began buying in Edmonton, Alberta with
partners in 2006.

Under his leadership, PassionRight Properties has owned and managed rental properties since 2006 and
a fifteen unit condo complex since 2011. By cutting costs, stabilizing revenue, and installing an on-site
caretaker, he was able to bring the complex from...


Joy Case, M.Ed.

Joy has served as a real estate consultant, educator and investment advisor since 2005. She has worked with
clients across Canada and has had experience with Canadian and US real estate transactions in commercial and
residential real estate.  

Joy brings a wealth of experience in negotiating, consulting and marketing technology, media and delivery of real
estate projects and opportunities. She has worked with an exclusive network of top performing agents in BC and
Alberta to bring her clients the properties and investments that they sought.

Collaborative teams are an important part of Joy’s strategy and to that end, she works to bring teams together
to provide value for her investor clientele.

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