Johnson Frais                                                                                                         

Johnson Frais has a passion for real estate investing and helping others become financially free through
passive income.  He has studied real estate since 2000 and began buying in Edmonton, Alberta with
partners in 2006.  

Under his leadership, PassionRight Properties has owned and managed rental properties since 2006 and
a fifteen unit condo complex since 2011. By cutting costs, stabilizing revenue, and installing an on-site
caretaker, he was able to bring the complex from the edge of bankruptcy to producing $2500/month positive
cash flow.  He has also increased the reserve fund from zero to $30 000 without increasing condo fees or
collecting any owner assessments.  In the process, he took over management of over half of the individual
units in the building, changing the character of the complex through careful tenant screening.


Johnson leads large real estate investor education groups in Seattle, Vancouver, and Edmonton.  He has been
teaching and practising multi-family acquisition since 2009 and self-storage facilities since 2010.

Johnson is experienced in short sales, foreclosures, joint venture partnerships, and is particularly skilled in
analyzing commercial income properties.  His specialties are marketing, decreasing expenses, and working with a
team to increase profitability.  Johnson has several years of experience hiring contractors and managing and designing
renovations.  He recently acted as general contractor on a major rehab of his first rental property bought in 2006.


See full detailed pictures here:   HOUSE REHAB

Since 2009, Johnson has successfully timed several real estate markets and found exceptional investment
opportunities for his investors.  In April of 2009, he lead a meeting in Vancouver where he presented Fort Myers,
Florida and the opportunity to buy wholesale rental properties with his team.  The median price had dropped from a
high of $285 000 in 2005 to a low of $75 000 at that time.  The investors who acted have been well-rewarded, as
the median price has now reached $200 000, resulting in a return on investment of 166% solely through appreciation.


He then presented at a meeting in Edmonton in the spring of 2012 on acquiring distressed multi-family.  Showing graphs
of asking and sales price/unit, multi-family supply, and other statistics, Johnson told the group that he believed that the
Las Vegas multi-family market was about to turn.  Within a couple of months, graphs presented by Loopnet began to show
the average sales price/unit for Las Vegas change direction and start moving up!  It has followed a steep incline in price/unit
since that time!


After reviewing hundreds of distressed multi-family and storage facility deals in the southeastern U.S and Michigan in 2011,
Johnson presented a deal to his groups in January of 2012.  It was two newer, bank-owned self-storage facilities in a growing
area of Michigan, for a total of 520 units.  Acquisition price was $1 million or only $10/square foot!  

Johnson explained his plan to lower expenses by changing the operation of both facilities and to increase occupancy each
year through targeted marketing to local businesses in this quickly recovering market.  The properties are located near
Grand Rapids, Michigan.  After studying the local self-storage market and viewing competing facilities, he stated that he
would be able to increase occupancy by 5% each year, resulting in large increases in cash flow and property value.  

Johnson was successful in raising half of the $1 million required for this purchase, but lost the acquisition of the property
to another Michigan buyer in March of 2012.  Johnson's projections and choice of this property as an excellent
investment was proven true this past December when the buyer was able to obtain a mortgage for $350 000 more
than their purchase price of just two years ago!

Here is the newsletter where Johnson had discussed this purchase:    NEWSLETTER

Johnson's goal is to create passive income through real estate, which can allow him and his investors to spend more time
with family or following their other passions.  Johnson's passions, reflected by the name of his newsletter "Passion News",
include outdoor activities such as fishing and white-water canoeing, conserving the environment,  spending time with his
six siblings, parents, and twenty-five nieces and nephews, and using his counseling skills from university to help others
experience greater freedom in life.  His dream is to own a youth camp one day where troubled young people can experience
the outdoors and obtain long-term mentoring and guidance.


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