BEST OF 2005-2011 SERIES

DO THE EXERCISE!  (From Fall-Winter 2005)

I have decided that working on a part-time business is much like going to the gym. Many people go to
seminars and learn about real-estate and different things, but never take action. It is like someone
learning all about working out, looking for “quick and easy” ways to lose weight, but not spending the time
or energy doing the exercises. The key to me being successful in keeping my body fit in the past has been
my consistent habit to spend the time lifting at the gym. I will be bold here…I will include a picture of
my physique taken last year to show my results in that area of my life.

Similarly, success in any business requires spending the time on a daily or
weekly basis researching and doing the business. In bodybuilding, success requires moving the muscles in
the repetitions. And in business, it requires making the phone calls, analyzing properties, and researching.
In light of this, I have started scheduling time for my real-estate on a daily basis. Of course, it is also very
important to work smartly, to bring the best results.